You love to paint but you've got so many questions.

Now you'll get your answers.


✓ Learn to paint like a pro one project at a time

✓ Create showstopping furniture as a hobby or a business

✓ Grow your confidence as an Artist


... WITHOUT spending endless hours googling stuff that brings NO RESULTS.


You love to paint but you've got so many questions.

Now you'll get your answers.


✓ Learn to paint like a pro one project at a time

✓ Create showstopping furniture as a hobby or a business

✓ Grow your confidence as an Artist


... WITHOUT spending endless hours googling stuff that brings NO RESULTS.

What if you could switch off for a few hours every month and just create?


Would you like to:

➔ Create professionally refinished furniture?
➔ Be able to completely redesign your home on a budget?
➔ Even sell your creations and pay off that credit card bill or go on that holiday?


If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here. I've been where you are right now and I want to show you that you can do it, too.

These are some of the pieces you'll be creating inside the membership

Hi, I'm Kata, Furniture Artist, Founder of Studio Twentyseven and Academy 27.

7 years ago I was working as a Markets Analyst and had no creative outlet in my life. I felt trapped in a job that paid the bills but I didn't love. Then one day, after spending an evening on Pinterest, I painted my first furniture. That first side table changed my life forever.

7 years on and that first side table grew into a fantastic multi level business. I live an extremely creative life doing my dream job, I've sold my creations worldwide from New York to London to Miami and Sydney.

I feel priviliged to have taught over 1,000 students across the world.

Teaches Flawless Refinishing Techniques

  • Everything starts with a professional finish that makes your pieces stand out.
  • No guessing, no googling, just simple step by step videos.

Walks You Through Full Painting Projects

  • You learn how to set up your projects
  • What tools you need
  • And how you can amend your skills to create a variety of designs easily.

Safe, Supportive, Private Artist Network

  • Our safe, private group is the perfect environment for you to grow and to be seen and heard.
  • Find your tribe who will support you on your journey.

No More Frustrating Guess Work

  • You can leave the frustration of guessing how to do it behind.
  • You'll get your questions answered straight away.

But where do I start, when there is so much confusing advice out there?

It's actually a lot easier than you think - simply by following the step by step guidance you'll get every step of the way, to get you results! This membership is unlike anything you've tried before.

Say goodbye to Googling and confusion.

Katerina - Painters Hive Member

"My painting technique is perfect now. It's very smooth and I'm not stressed anymore. I love painting!"

"I hear you but what if I am..."

"I'm Not Creative Enough"

  • But you are. If you are here, it means you're craving a creative outlet. Creativity is like a muscle. Train it every day and it will grow.
  • Inside the membership you'll get lots of creative inspiration from the Monthly Projects and your fellow members.

"I Need A Lot Of Time To Learn But I Don't Have Time To Paint"

  • Creating is not a race, it's a marathon. You do it at your own pace.
  • We have members who only paint once or twice a month and that's OK. Your journey is entirely your own so you will never fall behind.

"I Can't Afford Spending On A Hobby Right Now"

  • You definitely DON'T have to spend. For just 40p a day you get to create furniture worth $$$.
  • Your Tool List has inexpensive items to keep your budget small.
  • And from the first project you're able to earn back hundreds of pounds by selling your creations. RESULT!

£12 or $16

Pay Monthly


What if you stopped constantly searching for the right answers — and started creating flawless furniture instead?

Trying to create on your own doesn't work because:

➔ Instead of creating you spend hours online trying to get through hours of confusing and misleading advice

➔ You are building up incorrect techniques because no one around you shows how you should do it

➔ You start but never finish projects because when things go wrong, you can't move on quickly

➔ You don't have a structure so your dream remains just that, an unfulfilled dream.

In The Painters Hive you become a confident Artist because:

➔ You'll go back to basics to learn every step to create consistently high quality furniture

➔ You'll get clear, simple tutorials to build your skills and think outside of the box.

➔ You'll work alongside other Artists who go through the same experiences. Your tribe will celebrate your wins with you and help you at your stumbling blocks.

➔ In the shortest time you'll get ready to turn your hobby into a business and build a second income while you do what you love.

By the end of Month 1 you'll be:

  • painting your furniture flawlessly without brushmarks.
  • have created your first project from beginning to end.
  • have a good selection of tools and you are confident using them.
  • have your first decoupaged piece and the confidence to create a larger unit.

What's waiting for you inside:

  • Live Tutorials
  • Furniture Sourcing for Profit
  • Painting and Decoupage Projects
  • Decoupage Secrets
  • Social Media Workshops for Instagram and Pinterest
  • Build your business on Etsy and Shopify
  • A private peer to peer network to ask any questions in a supportive group.
  • Learn the steps of upcycling for any type of furniture
  • Q&As on every topic within Upcycling and running successful creative businesses
  • Creating multiple marketing channels for 10x growth
  • Building a social media presence that brings in a steady flow of Clients
  • Weekly Social Media Content Calendar

Here's what's included in
The Painters Hive

Inside your membership you'll get:

1. Monthly brand new step by step refinishing videos (Value £97 / $132)

2. BONUS videos with Upcyclers (Value £9 / $12)

3. Group Coaching Q&A (Value £100 / $136)

4. Private Members only Support group (Value £100 / $136)


Total MONTHLY Value = (£306/ $417)  



£12 or $16

Pay Monthly


I've Still Got Questions

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