You love to paint but you've got so many questions.

Now you'll get your answers.


βœ“ Learn to paint like a pro
βœ“ Create breathtaking paper designs
βœ“ Get the confidence to create your own pieces

... WITHOUT spending endless hours googling stuff that brings NO RESULTS.


You love to paint but you've got so many questions.

Now you'll get your answers.


βœ“ Learn to paint like a pro
βœ“ Get more Clients
βœ“ Leave the 9-5 behind.

... WITHOUT spending endless hours googling stuff that brings NO RESULTS.

Want to be able to create show-stopping furniture and stand out from the crowd?

Are you ready to create pieces without brushmarks, rips, bubbles and constant frustration?

After this Masterclass you will:

  • Source the correct pieces so you're immediately in profit

  • Know how to prep so your piece lasts many years

  • How to paint flawlessly with no brushmarks

  • Understand what papers to use for your furniture for a professional result

  • Become a pro at applying your paper without rips and bubbles, every single time

  • Have clarity on how to pattern match paper on your furniture 

  • Create pieces that stand out and sell

Sign up for this easy to follow Masterclass and leave with a step by step plan to create your professionally refinished furniture. 

Here’s what you'll get inside:

βœ… Your must have tools to make refinishing super easy

βœ… What papers to use for the best finish

βœ… Prepping and Flawless Painting Techniques

βœ… Creating a design that fits perfectly

βœ… Applying your paper without rips and bubbles

βœ… Leaving the frustration of cutting papers on the furniture behind you

βœ… Creating super straight lines for that professional finish



βœ…How To Create Your Digital Designs Course (worth £99)

Hi, I'm Kata, Furniture Artist, Founder of Studio Twentyseven and Academy 27.

8 years ago I was working as a Markets Analyst and had no creative outlet in my life. I felt trapped in a job that paid the bills but I didn't love. Then one day, after spending an evening on Pinterest, I painted my first furniture. That first side table changed my life forever.

8 years on and that first side table grew into a fantastic multi level business. I live an extremely creative life doing my dream job, I've sold my creations worldwide from New York to London to Miami and Sydney.

I feel priviliged to have taught over 1,000 students across the world.

But where do I start, when there is so much confusing advice out there?

It's actually a lot easier than you think - simply by following the right strategy and step by step guidance you'll get every step of the way, to get you results! This membership is unlike anything you've tried before.

Teaches you Flawless Refinishing Techniques

Everything starts with a professional finish that makes your pieces stand out. No guessing, no googling, just simple step by step videos.

Walks You Through The Full Painting Project

You learn how to set up your projects, what tools you need and how you can amend your skills to create a variety of designs easily.

Safe, Supportive, Private Artist Network

Our safe, private group is the perfect environment for you to grow and to be seen and heard. Find your tribe who will support you on your journey.



Β£397 or $498


Iola - Academy 27 Student

"I can highly recommend Kata's wow wow I'm blown away with my creation! Thank you"

Lucy - Academy 27 Student

"We had the BEST 2 days. kata is awesome, the course gave me so much to take away... I can't wait to get busy... thank you, best 2 was I tired but oh so INSPIRED!!!"

Robyn - Academy 27 Student

"A huge thank you for helping to set me on the path to my dream job!"

Imagine what it will feel like:

  • Getting the confidence to start a brand new project and finish it to a professional standard.
  • Being clear on what tools to use for different finishes and having the skills to use them on your furniture.
  • Decoupaging your furniture without fear or overwhelm by just following a few simple steps.
  • To find your own style and create pieces that are YOU.

Here's what it's meant to our students...

Ewa, JessEva Interiors

Finally feeling like I'm coming back!!! Finished this unit, done two other pieces and started a few commissions!

So glad I've joined the group and learned how to decoupage, so much better and easier than I was doing before! Thank you! x

Kerrie, Salvaged Alchemy

I just got a commission for 12 pieces, so I'll be really busy in the next few weeks!! I love that I know that I can just come into the group and ask my questions without getting distracted.

By the end of the course you'll be:

  • painting your furniture flawlessly without brushmarks.
  • have created your first project from beginning to end.
  • have a good selection of tools and you are confident using them.
  • have a full understanding of what to do and how to fix any issues with confidence.



Β£397 or $498


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